12 Best Wall Safe Reviews 2021

Updated: July 4, 2021

Sometimes a regular home safe might be inappropriate and uncomfortable in case you are looking for something else. A firearm should not be your only motivation to invest in a wall safe. If you are highly dependable on valuable documents, a suitable wall mounted safe will surely protect your dossiers and keep them safe.

Why a Wall Safe?

Wall safes offer an easy way to protect your valuables. We all know how frustrating it is when the time comes that you need something and then find out it’s lost in a cluttered garage, or under piles of clothes. A wall safe can be easily hidden behind other items and will not attract too much attention even if someone stumbles upon them by chance. The use of a security cable would also reduce the chances for any quick theft from happening as well as provide extra protection against burglaries – which are always taking place nowadays with our contemporary society problems like robberies !

Why are Wall Safes Suitable for Your Home?

Wall safes are great for homes or offices because they’re lightweight while still effective. Wall safes can be easily concealed and accessed when necessary, making them the perfect solution to choose your ultimate wall safe which will make you feel comfortable and free from stress! And if that’s not enough we also provide a list of best floor safes.

What Makes a Wall Safe Great?

While you may see the great benefits of owning a wall safe, you may not know exactly what to look for. Most people would just think of one that fit into a location in their home, but there are a number of factors you want to consider when choosing a wall safe. Here are some factors you should consider.

  • Accessibility. The reason for considering a desirable wall safe should be determined. The safe should be close to you and easy to mount but still ensure a secure and sturdy safety concept. I like to recommend a safe that is easy to access and will take you as little time as possible to open.
  • Concealment. How well the safe could be concealed is also important. This is especially true if you have children who will feel compelled to try to get in the safe if they know that it is there. There are countless stories of children getting injured by the contents of safe, so removing any temptation can be a big bonus to you. Plus, it deters people who may try to burglarize your house from finding your safe as well.
  • Lock Type. Not every lock type on a wall safe is the same either. Many employ the traditional combination lock, where you turn a dial to the proper numbers to get it to unlock, however, there are many other options available today, especially in this digital age. Some offer fingerprint scans or digital codes for you to enter. You can even lock or unlock your save using a phone app. There are a number of great options out there for you.
  • Size. This is incredibly important depending upon the type of contents you wish to use the safe for. For example, if this is going to be your gun safe that having one that easily and securely stores your weapons is essential. Get something that works within your needs.
  • Quality. Like any product, not every wall safe is the same. There are some that are made with far superior quality, including be waterproof, and so your choice should be dependent upon the quality that you need. For example, if you live in an area where you face the threat of flooding, having a waterproof safe is essential.

Not all safes are created equal and it could save you a lot of money when buying a new wall mounting safe. When you understand the significance of these features, you will be more likely to buy the best wall mount safe for your needs. These are directly aimed at business owners and empowering you to make the right choice for the protection of your firearms and valuables.

Top Rated Wall Safes on the Market!

Wall safes are not only great for firearms storage; but they also work well as an additional protection of documents and other valuable items which might be a priority to you. In this article we will review the best wall safes on the market so that you can make a better decision.

#1 V-Line Closet Vault II Wall Gun Cabinet – Best in-Wall Long Gun Safe

Best In-Wall Long Gun Safe Review If you are looking for a top-of-the-line wall safe that is ideal for storing your larger sized firearms, then this is one you are really going to like. This is the perfect rifle safe, made of 16 gauge steel that is ideal to protect your firearms while allowing you to store weapons such as an AR-15.

You will find that it can easily be installed into a wall or other designated location, making concealment a snap. You also like the fact that you can install the unit either horizontally or vertically to fit your needs. The case is built with pre-punched holes making mounting easy.

There is no key that is included or needed to be used. This ensures that a person cannot gain access to your safe by inadvertently finding the key at some point. By setting the proper five digit code you want to use, you can securely fasten your safe in place ensuring that no one will be gaining unauthorized access. Plus, the lock is a high-grade option, meaning you can have confidence when this safe is secured.

The frame is built with high-grade steel that not only gives it a secure look and feel, but also gives it an outstanding aesthetic look as well. V-Line Closet Vault is a great option for those who are looking to safely store their firearms without concern of an unwanted guest gaining easy access. Hinges are built internally to greatly reduce the ability of someone to pry their way into your safe.

#2 V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage – Best in-Wall Handgun Safe

Best in-Wall Handgun Safe Review If you are looking for the perfect safe for your handgun or handguns, this is the option to look for. Not only is it made of a durable metal that makes it safe for you to be able to store your items within the unit, but it is also bulletproof both inside and out. This prevents people from being able to access it by trying to shoot their way through the safe.

There is one adjustable shelf included, allowing you to quickly and easily organize your items as you desire. Plus the shelf is removable should you desire to not use it at all. You will love the design of the safe, as it is made so that the door is indented so that the safe is flush with the wall. This ensures that you can easily disguise it behind a painting or other hanging object without it being noticeable.

The safe locks with a mechanical locking system that includes an additional backup key. The push button system allows you to create a unique code that you enter to gain access into the safe. The safe is designed to be pry resistant. This gives you the added peace of mind to know that someone will not be able to dislodge the door or pull the safe apart using a crowbar or other similar object. In fact, the hinges have been turned to the inside which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to be able to hear the door off.

#3 Protex Fire Resistant Safe (WES2113-DF) – Best Fireproof Wall Safe

Best Fireproof Wall Safe Review This is the very best fire resistant safe on the market today, protecting items within your safe for up to 30 minutes during a fire. This gives you plenty of time to be able to get your items out of the safe or two get the fire under control before you have any kind of issue.

Two particular items, and improved fire resistant interior liner has been added. This liner not only helps to reduce heat penetrating inside the safe, but is also waterproof, keeping water out, even the extreme pressure that occurs from fire hoses. This makes it ideal for you to be able to store weapons or media devices without having to worry about them getting damaged.

The safe comes with an electronic lock that enables you to be able to create a unique code to gain access into the safe. However, for those times that you may have forgotten the code, there are two backup keys that are provided that enable you to be able to get in if you have some emergency or have forgotten.

The outer coating of the safe is made of a strong and durable metal. It comes with a 3/16 inch solid steel door that is indented into the safe unit to ensure that you can place this into the wall, putting a picture over it without it being noticeable. There are two adjustable shelves inside, allowing you to separate items easily if you desire.

Comparing all the mentioned wall safes it has been difficult to choose the clear winner, but the Protex Wall Safe (WES2113-DF) is packed with almost all of the qualities needed in an ideal wall mounted safe, I have settled on this model. It is a quite affordable safe and I recommend this without a doubt to anyone looking to buy a perfect wall mounting safe for home or office use. It is easy to mount and to conceal and with the removable shelves, you will be able to store bigger items inside easily.

#4 Gardall WS1314-T-EK 4″ Concealed Wall Safe – Best Hidden Wall Safe

Best Hidden Wall Safe Review If you are looking for a quality wall safe that comes at a reasonable price, this is one of the best electronic options out there. This is a smaller sized safe that will easily fit into most locations in your home or office, maybe even in the floor if you so desire. It has a 1 inch phalange on all four sides of the safe, allowing you to easily secure the safe in place and hold it securely fastened.

The design of the safe is made so that it is easy to conceal. This makes it easy for you to be able to place this virtually any place in your home, then placed some object over it to make it virtually invisible to anyone else.

This unit comes with an electronic lock and has three active bolts that hold the door securely fastened in place. The locking system makes this easy to open and provides you with that added level of protection as you can create your own code and allow access only to those you trust.

You will like the heavy-duty construction of the safe. It is a lot more durable and secure then many more expensive models of comparable size and the locking system is built of a higher quality grade. It is truly a safe that you can count on to store your important valuables, especially media and passports.

#5 Homak Wall Safe WS00018002 – Best Between the Studs Wall Safe

Best Between the Studs Wall Safe Review There is no denying that this is one of the heaviest safes that you will find, coming in at 53 pounds, but if you are looking for an option that enables you to be able to store virtually anything, then this is the safe for you. This is a long safe, meaning you can store almost any firearm in here securely and safely.

The safe is built with a heavy duty construction of hard steel, making it almost impenetrable. The hinges are all internal, so no one is going to be trying to pry this thing open and have success. It is impact resistant and built to give you greater peace of mind because of how durable and strong it is.

The outside is built with a powder coated finish which keeps it rust resistant. Plus, because of the design, you will love how easy it is to conceal this behind almost any object. In fact, many people place this inside a closet where they store clothes, because it could easily be on a wall behind a jacket or other garment and go completely unnoticed.

This unit uses cutting edge technology in terms of the security locking system and all hardware is included to make it easy to install and securely fasten your save in place.

#6 SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet UJJC93W – Best Wall Safe for Jewelry

Best Wall Safe for Jewelry Maybe a wall safe is not exactly what you are looking for. Instead, what you may be desiring is a jewelry cabinet that can be locked against your wall, and this may be exactly what you are looking for. This is a chic designed large storage capacity jewelry cabinet that can be mounted to any wall or door and locked in place to protect your valuables.

While not a traditional wall safe as you would think, the fact remains that this is still a well-designed system that provides you many of the protections that you would get with a standard wall safe. Especially in the fact that you are able to lock your valuables in place, while still being able to organize them well to keep yourself better organized.

There are 32 hooks that are included for you to be able to attach bracelets, chains, and necklaces, 90 different holes for earrings, and 60 different compartments where you can store such things as rings and ear studs. Plus, there is an additional period of space that enables you to be able to store such things as scarves and ties.

If you are a person with a lot of jewelry and accessories that you like to use, this is a great way to organize yourself and gain a high level of security. The design makes it easy for you to be able to access your items as you can easily attach this to a wall or door. SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet is truly a fantastic way to organize your jewelry, no matter how old you are.

#7 Viking VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Safe – Best Biometric Wall Safe

Best Biometric Wall Safe Review If you are looking for a great biometric safe that enables you to be able to store your valuable securely, then here is a great option for you. The optical fingerprint reader gives you the ability to securely lock your items in place, and enable access only through the use of your fingerprint. Four AA batteries help to keep the optical reader running and two additional AA batteries are needed for the LED light.

This safe is built of heavy duty construction, providing you with a well-designed safe that makes it incredibly difficult for people to gain access to your safe. The biometric system is able to record 32 different fingerprint imprints, meaning that you can give multiple access to the safe, making it ideal for home or office, especially for business. A location where several different people need access to the safe, the ability to record multiple fingerprint imprints makes it so that those who need access gain it.

You can also add a pin code if you so choose. This gives you two different ways to access the safe beyond fingerprints. What an ideal situation for your business.

The safe is designed to be pry resistant. There are 220 mm steel locking bars that hold the door in place making it incredibly difficult to pull off. Plus, anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access to the keycode, you can turn on the sound which makes a beeping noise whenever the safe is opened. This will instantly let you know if someone has tried to get into your safe.

This is a larger sized safe, which ensures that you can store larger size weapons if need be, including as large as an AR-15. You love the look and design of the safe, as it gives you plenty of storage room and looks aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it easily fits into your wall allowing you to easily conceal it.

For as large of a safe as it is it is amazing that this only weighs 38 pounds. It is made of heavy duty steel and provides all of the hardware needed to easily install it securely into your will.

#8 Mesa Safe Adjustable Wall Safe – Best Wall Safe for High Security

Best Wall Safe for High Security If optimal security is your major concern, then this is the safer you. It is larger in size and significantly heavier than most other options, up to 12 pounds more than you would find with some other models. However, that extra weight is the trade-off for having a more durable and secure safe that is virtually impenetrable to a would-be burglar.

The safe is easy to install, and comes with security as its major design feature. There is a battery-operated electronic keypad that allows you to create your own code. Plus, a beeping sound is made to notify you whenever the safe is accessed or the power of the batteries is running low. This allows you to know in an instant someone is entering your safe or if it is time to get new batteries so that you can keep your mom optimal security in place.

The safe is built with a heavy duty construction. The frame is made of solid steel and the door is reinforced to ensure that no one is able to break it open. Plus, this is a drill proof door, meaning no one is going to figure out a way to drill their way into your valuables.

All hardware is included for you to be able to mount your safe on your own. It is a heavy safe, so be aware of that, but all of the pre-drilled holes are in place to make your installation process a whole lot simpler. This is the perfect safe for either home or business, and even an inexperienced do-it-yourself person should have no trouble mounting this unit.

#9 Protex Fingerprint Wall Safe FW 1814Z – Easiest to Install Wall Safe

Easiest to Install Wall Safe If you are looking for a wall safe that is easy to install and gives you a great deal of protection, this is one you are likely going to love. This safe is not only designed for optimal concealment, but is easy to install and provides a great security feature by using your fingerprint to access the safe.

This safe is made for you to easily be able to count it anywhere inside your home. It requires very little effort, meaning that even a less seasoned do-it-yourselfer can still be able to put this safe in place. Because it comes in both white and cream color, it easily blends into most walls that you would have in your home.

There are no hinges located on the outside of the safe, making sure you are getting the greatest amount of protection available. In fact, this safe was specifically designed to ensure that there are virtually no weaknesses that a would-be burglar could use to access your safe, and it is built to withstand a heavy amount of impact.

The fingerprint locking system is a nice feature to this safe. Simply by using your fingerprint from the finger of choice, you are able to instantly unlock the two action bolts in a matter of a couple of seconds, giving you quick access to your safe should you need to do so in an emergency.

There are two built-in shelves included, allowing you to organize your safe as needed. The shelves are not adjustable and you cannot remove them but are spaced apart to give you the greatest amount of space to be able to store your items.

#10 Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Safe – Best Value Wall Safe

Best Value Wall Safe Review
This safe is built with a great design that is not only functional but static as well. This makes it the perfect option for either your home or office, and you will love the fact that it’s price is a lot more affordable, yet you don’t lose anything in quality.

The safe starts with two different ways to access and unlock the unit. There is a keypad locking system, which is one of the easiest that you will find. Not only is it easy to set, but easy to use once you have programmed your code. Plus, two keys are included should you lose track of your code, or the batteries die within locking system.

A powder coated exterior prevents the safe from getting rusted, and all hinges are built internally, resisting the ability for a person to be able to rip open the door even using heavy machinery. The frame is 1 inch thick all the way around, meaning that is impact resistant as well.

An LED display lights the electronic keypad making it easier to read. Plus, the safe is built so that a buzzer will automatically sound during evening or night time hours letting you know if someone is attempting to access your safe. Plus, it will also buzz should the batteries be near dead.This is the perfect safe for someone who needs to store larger sized items while keeping them safe and secure.

Comparison Chart

Wall SafeProsCons
#1 V-Line Closet Vault II
  • Easy to install and built for maximum concealment
  • A great design that enables you to be able to store virtually any size rifle and their accessories
  • Gives you the functionality to be able to add keyed locks if you so desire, but comes with a fantastic mechanical locking system
  • Made with high-grade materials
  • While the materials are solid, a determined thief could gain access into the safe
  • Does not provide fireproof protection
#2 V-Line QV Locking Storage
  • Perfect for storage of hand guns and ammunition
  • to be easy to conceal and use
  • A lot of room inside the safe to store a number of different objects
  • Well-designed and solid
  • The safety features are fantastic
  • While it is designed to be pry resistant it is not perfectly so. It takes work, but it can be opened
  • Setting the code can be a little challenging and frustrating at first
#3 Protex WES2113-DF
  • Built to retard fire and heat for up to 30 minutes
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Pride resistant hinges provide better security
  • Designed to make it easy to disguise in a wall
  • Comes with keypad lock and backup keys
  • Difficult to mount on your own
  • A lot more expensive than other models
#4 Gardall WS1314-T-EK
  • An extremely sturdy safe that provides great protection
  • Locking system is well-designed and easy to use
  • Easy to conceal and install
  • Does not protect from fire
  • Limited storage space available
#5 Homak WS00018002
  • Perfect for those who have larger sized firearms they need to keep secured
  • Easy to conceal and install
  • High-security tubular locking system employed
  • Not built with very heavy duty construction, meaning that a persistent burglar can figure out how to get in
  • The locking system is not as difficult to access if you would help
  • The product is packaged terribly, and some report damage upon arrival
  • Provides a well organized cabinet that allows you to organize your jewelry and other accessories
  • Fantastic looking cabinet with indoor lighting and a mirror on the outside
  • Plenty of storage space for jewelry, accessories, makeup, and other items you wish to keep secure
  • Easy to use lock and key mechanism
  • Provides minimal amount of security in terms of that the cabinet is not hidden in can be ripped off walls or doors
  • Simple lock and key as a minimal deterrent to keeping people from breaking it open
#7 Viking VS-52BLX
  • Fantastic design that makes it safe and aesthetically look pleasing looking
  • Easily stores larger rifles
  • Heavy duty construction ensures that it provides optimal safety
  • Locking system is perfect for a location where multiple people need to be able to gain access easily while still providing great security
  • While the shelf is adjustable, the inserts are rather cheaply made
  • This safe is a lot more difficult to install, and you are likely going to need to use YouTube videos to help you
#8 Mesa Safe
  • An incredibly durable outer frame that is built to be break and resistant
  • There are no external hinges visible
  • Built to be easily concealed
  • Unit notifies you when it has been accessed or batteries are running low
  • Not really built for the storage of firearms
  • Because of its weight, installing the safe can be a bit challenging
  • Colors limited to cream and white shades
#9 Protex FW-1814Z
  • Easy for you to be able to conceal and install
  • Provides high level impact resistance
  • The biometric locking system makes it easy to access your safe and seconds
  • Build with heavy duty materials to provide greatest amount of security
  • No handle is included on the door
  • You may have issues with unlocking the safe should battery power be low
  • It is really to your advantage to have a professional install it
#10 Paragon 7750
  • Comes at a price that will easily work within anyone’s budget
  • You will find that this safe is easy to mount and conceal
  • Perfect for either home or office use
  • Built with a heavy duty frame that ensures optimal safety of your items
  • The larger size means it may not fit every location
  • Does not give you the ability to mute the buzzer
  • Would be better if the shelves were adjustable

Top Wall Safe FAQs

There are common questions that many have in purchasing a wall safe, and here are some that should help you to answer concerns you have.

Are wall mounting safes impact resistant?

Even though this is not something that we touched on a lot during the reviews, most wall mounting safes are impact resistant. The reason why the design is great for impact is all about the wider edges. So even though the edges may bend and even break, the box that we store our valuables in will resist the impact. Depending on the material on the inside, you will be able to determine of the items on the inside are capable of resisting a fall.

Is a wall safe better than a floor safe?

It is really dependent upon where you want to place the safe. There are advantages to both, but what makes a wall safe better than a floor safe is that there are a significantly larger number of areas where you are able to install the safe. You really only can install a floor safe in the lowest level of your home, while a wall safe can be in a number of locations.

Where can I buy a wall safe?

You can buy a safe and a number of locations, but more people are turning to the Internet as your choice. If you find a good product on Amazon or similar location, most of these you can install on your own, making it logical to buy there.

Where should I mount a wall safe to make it hidden?

This is a great question. The best answer that can be given is to choose a place where there is the least amount of traffic in that area. The fewer people that have access to be able to see your safe makes it less likely that anyone will know it’s there. Some people like to get clever and install their safe in the living room behind a painting. They think if no one will see it then they have hidden it well. That may be true, but you are also opening the opportunity for more people to discover that you have it safe. Choose a spot where less people can stumble upon it.

What tools do I need to install a wall safe?

The primary tools you will need to install a safe is a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and drill. You may find that some brands provide you with all the tools you will need to install your safe, but the instructions on how to install the safe will inform you what you need.

What items should I keep in a wall safe?

Anything you think is valuable is what you should keep in your safe. This can be anything from handguns, jewelry, money, passports, birth certificates, or other valuable items. Many people store their insurance information. It is really up to you what you feel is necessary to protect.

What is the best wall safe?

The truth is that it really depends upon what you are looking for. The best wall safe is one that allows you to be able to securely store your items, provide the protections you are looking for and makes it easy for you to access them when you need to get into your safe. If you are a person with large rifles, you need a different kind of safe than someone who has handguns or jewelry they need to store. Whether you need something that’s fire retardant or provides a certain kind of locking system. All of these are kinds of things to consider when making your choice.

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